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boy, v.
November 10, 2010, 08:56
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a. To address (a person) as ‘boy’.

Esp. with a man as object, with belittling implication.
1573 G. HARVEY Let.-bk. (1884) 48 If he boied me now..I hard him not. a1625 F. BEAUMONT & J. FLETCHER Knight of Malta II iii, in Comedies & Trag. (1647) sig. Kkkkk3/1, Boy did he call me..I am tainted..Baffell’d, and boy’d.
1851 DICKENS & M. LEMON Mr. Nightingale’s Diary (1877) I. 5 Lithers. Here you are, my boy. Tip. (much offended) My boy! Who are you boying of! 1913 B. TARKINGTON Flirt 96 ‘Boy?’.. Do I hear aright? Sir, do you boy me?.. I am the stature of a man; had it not been for your razor I should wear the beard of a man; therefore I’ll not be boyed. 1965 E. MPHAHLELE Down Second Ave 152, I was ‘jimmed’ and ‘boy-ed’ and ‘john-ed’ by whites. 2002 J. BREWSTER Vicar of Afton vii. 63 ‘Easy, boy! I’ll handle this! Just cool down!’ ‘Don’t “boy” me!’

b. To treat (a person) like a boy; to patronize. In early use also refl.: to behave like a boy.

a1625 J. FLETCHER Island Princesse II. i. in F. Beaumont & J. Fletcher Comedies & Trag. (1647) 104 My countenance, it shames me, One scarce arrived, not harden’d yet, not Read in dangers and great deeds, sea-sick, not season’d{em}Oh I have boy’d my selfe. 1650 T. VAUGHAN Anima Magica 46, I know the world will be ready to Boy me out of Countenance for this, because my yeares are few, and green.
2002 Chicago Rev. (Nexis) 48 32 It should shame me to be so boyed by a senior at Brentwood High{em}all my eighteenness, all my parochial school, falling out like so much stuffing. 2006 Times (Nexis) 30 Jan. (Times2 section) 4 If they [sc. young people] feel they have been disrespected they don’t say ‘dissed’ any more but say that they have been ‘boyed’, as in looked down upon.

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