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Ivy Briefs (Martha Kimes)
August 6, 2009, 01:05
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Ivy Briefs: True Tales of a Neurotic Law Student
(New York, Simon and Schuster, 2008, Hardcover, 288 pp, $23.00)

Reading this made my stomach churn with anxiety as I flipped through the pages frantically trying to find a moment or even a brief sentence where it showed that Miss Kimes actually enjoyed herself. I’m going to be applying next Fall, and being among the easily discouraged / distracted type, I was horrified by her depictions of law school. It’s, at best, “Legally Blonde” from the brunette’s perspective; “Liar Liar” from the understudy’s point of view.

Um. I like to think that a professional education in law is useful for more than money. But to Martha the lure of precisely what she mocks is too strong and she gives up any ideals she had right away. It’s all about scratching your way to the top and making fun of the people who try too hard or don’t try hard enough along the way. Good times are drunk times, and bad times are everything (and everyone) else. But wait, isn’t this why I wanted to avoid getting an MBA in the first place?

If there were characters, I think my favorite would have to be her husband. Seems like a nice steady guy to neutralize all the acid sloshing around the book . . . is it so bad that I like to think that there are still good people in the world?

Verdict: Competition sucks. I want to live in a cottage and forage for mushrooms in the forest.

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